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AlGrop Corporation is a company that provides premium services to international companies in Algeria. The Company aims to provide first class services to the International Companies operating in Oil & Gas, Industry and Investment in Algeria., and has planned a Development Process spreading the Short, Medium and Long Terms. On the short term, it will focus on providing Commercial Representation, Administrative & Logistics Support servicesto its Customers. The medium term will focus on increasing Company’s footprint through the Distribution of Industry & Oilfield Equipment, eitheras aDistributoror aStockiest. Long Term evolution shall be the converge into an Oilfield Service Company in partnership with International Oilfield Service Companies, to coverthe local andregional demand.

Useful information

Presentation of the country and its wealth

Algeria is a country located in Northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered the gateway between Africa and Europe. Neighboring countries include Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Algeria is mostly desert with a few mountains and a narrow coastal plain. The government system is a republic; the chief of state and head of government is the president. Algeria has a mixed economic system which includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning, and government regulation. Algeria is a member of the League of Arab States (Arab League).... read more

The history of oil in Algeria and in the world

we give you a brief overview of the history of oil in Algeria and around the world, the origin of the oil discovery and some statistics and analyses carried out by specialists in the oil field...


Agency & Representation

  • AlGrop can act as your local agent and representative toward your clients, sustaining critical and continuous communication with them.
  • The benefit of this service is, that you have not to deploy a local or expat team, in the country, no need to rent offices, being our staff and facilities dedicated to your local operations.
  • More over, during your periodical visits to the country, our facilities, our staff, and our transportation means will be under your disposal, enabling you to meet your clients, schedule your meetings and receive your guests.
  • As an Agent, we also, provide you with Business Intelligence, Business Status and Market Reports, enabling you to have a global overview of the market and its opportunities, to design the suitable strategy to promote and market your products and services.
  • As Agent we also provide language services:
      Translation of your documentation from and into the following languages: Arabic, French & English.
      Interpreting Services during your visits from and into the following languages: Arabic, French & English.

Business Development

  • As the Market in Algeria, is characterized by the predominance of State Companies, the procurement policy within these companies goes through Tendering Process. AlGrop. master perfectly the Tendering Process and its related Legal Regulation, and we do provide:
      Chase & Communication of Tenders & Biding Opportunities,
      Withdrawal, Translation & Communication of Tender documents,
      Collection submission and release of Bid & Performance Guarantees,
      Offer preparation, compiling and submission to the Client,
      Bid follow-up until award of the possible contracts,
      Contract Performance, follow-up and Support.
  • Also, AlGrop. have Petroleum Consultants to check and advise on Compliance of Technical Offers to the Clients’ Requirements enabling you to be Pass Technical Evaluation and be invited to Submit a Financial Offer.


  • This service is mainly dedicated to Oilfield Service Companies, EPC Companies and Assets Integrity & Management Companies.
  • As per the Algerian Law, all non-resident foreign companies are required to have an Algerian National as a Legal Representative towards the Tax Administration (the Sponsor).
  • The duty of the Sponsor is to be liable towards the Tax Administration, for the payment of its Taxes by the non-resident foreign company, by giving his assets as a warranty for such payment.
  • AlGrop. do provide Sponsorship Services by providing Solvable Nationals to undertake the duty of Tax Guarantor.
  • Also, through this service, we undertake the preparation, submission and follow-up of all your USD Transfer Application, that enables you to Transfer your Service Fees (in USD) outside Algeria.

Marketing & Promotion

  • AlGrop. do provide Direct Marketing & Promotion of your Products & Services, with local clients, in this regard we organize the following:
      Periodic Visits to Clients,
      eMailing Campaigns to potential Customers,
      Technical Presentations on your Products & Services.
  • Also, we attend Fairs & Conventions presenting and promoting your products and services.
  • AlGrop. Marketing & Promotions Services are always based on Marketing Supports provided by you, or made locally with total respect to your Marketing Policy and Graphical Identity.
  • At no moment, AlGrop. will its brand or promote itself as an associate or partner otherwise you decide.

Administration & Logistics

  • Mainly dedicated to Oilfield Service Companies, we do provide Administrative & Logistics Support for Registration within the Country through:
      Administrative Support: Provision of administrative staff to run your base/offices,
      Government Support: Working Visas/Permits, Desert Pass, Tax & Social Security Proceedings,
      Equipment Support: Cars/Handling/Lifting Equipment/Trucks,
      Accommodation Support: Base Rental, Catering Services, Transportation & Bookings.
  • We also, offer the following:
      Installation of foreign companies in Algeria as Link Offices,
      Installation of foreign companies through JV's (51-49),
      Selection of suitable local partner for Investment,
      Support for Hiring local Staff and Labor related regulation and proceedings,
      Investment Business Plans & Conduct of Investment Implementation

Operations Support

  • Aso dedicated, mainly, to Oilfield Service Companies, AlGrop. Operations & Technical Support consists either through:
      Assistance to identify and hire local Skills in Technical Positions,
      Or to provide you under an AlGrop. contract the desired Staff.
  • The second option is dedicated, in particular, for those companies that doesn’t want to hire, directly, skilled manpower due to complexity of the Algerian Labor Regulation and its overprotection of Workers, also, it allows the companies to focus only on Project Management only and leave the HR Management to our firm.
  • AlGrop. commits in this regard to provide Staff that meets exactly yours and clients’ requirements as well, any member of staff subject to un-satisfaction will be replaced under best delays.

After Sales Services

  • AlGrop. can afford to provide your local clients with required After Sales Services throughout an After Sales Agreement and due Training.
  • This service would definitely increase your credibility showing to your clients the reliability to having you as a trusted supplier, in particular, by partaking to the decrease of their off-time and shortening delivery time of spare parts and intervention time for repair and maintenance.

Public Relations

  • AlGrop. entertains exemplary relationships with various clients within the Country and makes its priority the smooth communication with them and with the Public.

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